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Invitation to 5th RSM MBA Regatta

    The Rotterdam School of Management and RSM Sailing Club invites Ivy Circle alumni to participate in the 5th “RSM MBA Regatta”, an international sailing racing event amongst MBA Students and University Alumni of the world’s top business schools. Like every year we are trying to improve the context of the regatta and attract the interest not only of the MBA world, but also the Dutch Corporate world being in discussion with companies of our alumni that would like to participate with their boat or with the boats that we chartered.

    This year the context of the 5th RSM MBA Regatta is:

    • A Two Divisions Races on racing Class Maxfun 25 boats for experienced crews and on Bavaria cruise boats for crews joining for fun and without prior sailing experience
    • A clipper hospitality boat can accommodate your University Dean, Academics or guests and family and allow them to enjoy live the races from close distance
    • A great opportunity for your Business School’s, Company’s and Sponsor’s brand to be promoted worldwide in TV & Online Media
    • An opportunity to effectively exercise the skills of high achieving alumni in the corporate world: Planning and decision making, leadership, teamwork, endurance, effective communication, crisis management
    • A two-day racing and networking event with on- and off-shore activities
    • A stimulating and exciting experience
    • A formal award ceremony attended by distinguished guests
    • An opportunity to enjoy interesting discussions, thought-provoking debates, fun & entertainment

    RSM MBA Regatta will be hosted from 29th to 31st August in Lelystad, The Netherlands.

    Registrations Deadline: 21st July 2014.

    For more information and/or to register, visit their website.