Ivy Circle Undergraduate Scholarship

The Ivy Circle is able to provide a financial contribution towards enabling Dutch high school graduates to pursue an undergraduate degree at a US college or university. These scholarships are funded with the net proceeds from the annual USA college & university fair (registration fees collected from participating colleges/universities less the costs of organizing the fair).

The scholarship application and selection process is managed by the Netherlands Fulbright Center based on criteria agreed with the Ivy Circle. For more details or to apply for the scholarship, please visit the Netherlands Fulbright Center website.

Recipients of the Ivy Circle Undergraduate Scholarship:

Dario Maaskant (Johan de Witt Gymnasium Dordrecht), matriculated at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

Imke van Laar (Utrechts Stedelijk Gymnasium), matriculated at University of Wisconsin-Stout
Pip Claire Yap (St. Ignatius Gymnasium Amsterdam), matriculated at The New School, New York

Micky Bruins (Joke Smit College Amsterdam), matriculated at State University of New York, Geneseo
La-Marr Smith (Het Stedelijk Gymnasium Johan van Oldenbarnevelt Amersfoort), matriculated at University of Hawaii, Manoa

Shine Aung (St. Nicolaas Lyceum Amsterdam), matriculated at Georgetown University
Josefine Tijssen (Trinitas Gymnasium Almere), matriculated at Tufts University

Mayaki Kimba (Da Vinci College Purmerend), matriculated at Reed College
Max Traa (Penta College CSG/Jacob van Liesveldt Hellevoetsluis), matriculated at State University of New York, Plattsburgh


Eline Sumajow (Gemeentelijk Gymnasium Hilversum), matriculated at Columbia University
Imaan van der Zwan (Vecht College Breukelen), matriculated at City University of New York

Bram Grooten (St. Joris College Eindhoven), matriculated at Wentworth Institute of Technology
Roel van Broekhuizen (Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam), matriculated at University of Pennsylvania