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3rd Annual Young Leaders Roundtable


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    Succeeding in business and developing an exciting, rewarding career are two challenges that never seem to get any simpler. Even seasoned leaders are increasingly challenged by issues related to managing the cross-generational talent pool.

    For young professionals in the earlier phase of their leadership journey, how to make choices (that will play to their strengths, satisfy their passions, and both stretch and reward them along the way) can be a complex challenge and a moving target. There’s no app for that.  Yet…!

    If you are a young leader and want to gain insights, share your ideas and explore opportunities, please join us: come take part in the next Young Leaders Roundtable, co-sponsored by the Ivy Circle and Russell Reynolds Associates, a premiere consultancy focused on leadership & succession.

    In an interactive panel discussion (held in English), this event explores key opportunities, issues, myths vs realities of the Next Generation Talent Challenge from both an ‘employer’ and ‘employee’ perspective.


    Our speaker-panelists for the evening will be:

    Marco van Kalleveen, Member Management Board TNT, MD Domestic businesses

    Shalini Sarin, SVP Human Resources, Professional Lighting at Philips

    Mathijs Robbens, Partner Bain & Company (Telecomm, Technology, Media & Finance practices)

    Dana Krueger, Managing Director Russell Reynolds Associates

    Hollis Kurman (Moderator), Chairperson Ivy Circle Netherlands


    Do you:

    • • Have 5-10 years of post-university business experience with leading international companies/organizations and/or successful challengers and/or start-ups
    • • Thrive in a knowledge‐sharing environment
    • • Want to share fresh perspectives, strategic strengths and creative ideas

    If so, please email your CV and brief (1-liner) motivation statement to:

    We look forward to hearing from you (or others from your network) and hopefully to thinking with you on the 29th of October. Please note that the deadline for application is October 25th but please apply early, seating is limited.



    Amsterdam Institute of Finance
    Simon Carmiggeltstraat  6 – 50 (next to Amsterdam Central Station)
    1011 DJ Amsterdam
    Tel: +31 20 520 0160


    18:00 – 18:30     Arrival / Welcome and Kickoff
    18:30 – 18:45     Opening Remarks
    18:45 – 19:45     Panel discussion
    19:45 – 20:15     Break / grab a bite
    20:15 — 20:45    Q&A / Wrap-up
    20:45 — 21:45    Drinks / Networking

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