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A note of thanks from Jaïri Terpstra

    During the festive Fulbright Award Ceremony yesterday I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Broholm. With this email I would like to take the opportunity to officially thank you all for receiving the Ivy Circle Fulbright Award. I feel honored and grateful for the support given by Ivy Circle.

    From september 2015 I will spend a year studying in San Francisco at Hult International Business School to achieve a Master of Business Administration degree, with a specialization in Social Entrepreneurship and Social Impact. I am very committed to social change and creating more impact trough business solutions and innovation.

    I look forward to get acquainted with the Ivy Circle, during this year and of course after my return to the Netherlands in 2016 during the Ivy Circle events. I am dedicated to contribute to the goals you are pursuing.

    During my study I would like to inform you on my study progress and personal development in the United States. If possible I would like to know to whom I can send my updates/blogs and whether there are any specific needs or guidelines.

    If the opportunity arises I'd like to use the network of Ivy Circle for my study- and future work purposes, to make the most out of my capacities.