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Apply by 4 April – Ivy Circle Undergraduate Scholarship

    ** Apply for an Ivy Circle Undergraduate Scholarship

    Applications are now open for the Ivy Circle Undergraduate Scholarship 2017-2018. The application deadline is Tuesday April 4, 2017. Please share this information with Dutch high school students in your network who plan to start an undergraduate study in the US in the fall of 2017.

    The Ivy Circle is able to provide a financial contribution towards enabling Dutch high school graduates to pursue an undergraduate degree at a US college or university. These scholarships are funded with the net proceeds from the annual US undergraduate fair (registration fees collected from participating colleges/universities less the costs of organizing the fair).

    The scholarship application and selection process is managed by the Netherlands Fulbright Center based on criteria agreed with the Ivy Circle. For more details or to apply for the scholarship, please visit the Netherlands Fulbright Center website (