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March 28: Social Impact is Changing How We Live and Work

    On March 28 at 18:30 hrs, please join us for drinks and a light dinner at the laidback innovation space of Impact Hub (next to the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam) and stay for good conversation with other alumni of major American, British and Canadian universities living in Amsterdam, at the invitation of McGill University Alumni in the Netherlands.

    We’ll kick off the evening (drink in hand) with short personal reflections on working for social impact with

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    Social impact (if you’re in any doubt) refers to the way we increasingly seek to benefit the wider community (and ourselves) through responsible and sustainable strategies and practices, in conscious and measurable ways. Look around and you see that behaviors are changing. Social entrepreneurs create and run social enterprises to enable social innovation. Employers know that we want to make a social impact through our careers and are making adjustments to attract and retain people with this motivation. Media attention can rapidly expose the bad, the good and the ugly in a company’s supply chain, environmental policies and employment practices, and we want to deal with this pro-actively. Customers demand that their suppliers comply with business ethical codes that include social impact goals.

    How is this playing out in your own life and/or work?
    How is social impact an opportunity for you or your business?

    Our alumni ecosystem is a hugely valuable resource for our ongoing learning and networking. We look forward to seeing you!

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