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The Civility Panel by Ivy Circle

    The Civility Panel is a new space where healthy, respectful dialogue can take place in an environment where active listening, open-mindedness and learning happen. It will be a platform for members to discuss topics informally that may be sensitive or awkward in other settings, ranging from diversity, race relations, ageism, or gender issues to mental health topics.

    As members of the Ivy Circle, and especially the US citizens among us, we carry a lot of symbolic ‘baggage’ outside the US. We are not living the American experience day to day, often subject to the same filters and confusing misinformation as our European colleagues. Either directly or indirectly, we are frequently asked to explain, defend, or enlighten others on American history, happenings, or missteps. The Civility Panel will create an opportunity to engage in dialogue and probe issues with a trusted circle of friends within the Ivy Circle and/or member school clubs.

    To launch this initiative, The Ivy Circle is partnering with The US Embassy and US Consulate General in The Netherlands on their path towards a Truth and Reconciliation event …. Stay tuned for details.

    The Civility Panel is designed to be a safe space and ongoing platform. We hope to engage members through events, panel discussions, and networking among member clubs and partners. Early ideas for ‘fair game’ conversation topics include, e.g.: Mental health, well-being, and getting through the pandemic; race relations; misinformation, polarization and upheaval in the US through recent BLM protests, high-profile trials and attack on the US Capitol; human and civil rights as an economic engine and indicator; hiring and mentoring for a diverse workforce; demonstrating conscious leadership; looking ahead to post-pandemic learning and gains; etc.

    The Civility Panel will host (virtual) fireside chats with guest speakers. If you have a professor from your member school or other expert that you can recommend and contact for a topic, please let us know! Likewise, please let us know if you’d like to get involved. The discussions will be facilitated by one or both hosts of the Civility Panel, Sukai Ceesay and Hollis Kurman.