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Tina Amritha

Born in Illinois and raised in the Chicago suburbs as a first generation Indian American, Tina graduated from Northwestern University in 2007 with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and a specialization in the French language. She started her professional career in a management trainee program that took her around the world, with notable highlights in Germany and Hong Kong. She continued her career in 2009 in the Netherlands at the European Space Agency, where she helped guide her local team through a larger digital transformation (and met her now husband!). At the time, software development, the digital startup world and women in tech were all experiencing explosive growth.

Tina experienced a natural progression into journalism, where she continued for four years. In 2017, she joined what is now Wolters Kluwer, based in The Hague, as a product manager for oil and gas applications. She has stayed in the oil and gas industry as a full-time product manager until the beginning of this year. Now, she is taking on smaller, part-time work to diversify the industries in which she is active.